Car#77  2009 Mustang V8 GT Supercharged

Our car is a 2009 Mustang S197 and it has a 4.6l V8 engine with an M90 Roush Supercharger tuned to produce 410bhp / 550lb Torque.  It has been fitted with an upgraded Roush suspension kit to create maximum grip and handling performance along with upgraded electrics and an amazing looking body kit to give it an aggressive look.

Originally we had a 2017 mustang, but decided we wanted to go for a more classic look. So we bought our new pride and joy in the early part of 2019 and have since changed the colour from black to green. It really has its own unique look and definitely stands out from any other Mustang.

It is the only Mustang of this type in the world to date that has this colour. So it’s truly a one-off. It’s current mileage is 27,000 and is a completely rust free example due to the previous owner storing the car in a warm garage ever since it was built and brought over to the UK.  Though the car certainly retains a ‘wow’ factor for everyone who rides in it… I still smile every time I start up the supercharged engine and hear the roar from the V8 and the ‘Whine’ from the supercharger when you accelerate.

We would really enjoy being part of someone’s special day. We particularly enjoy the surprise element where the groom or bride are unaware they will be chauffeured in a Mustang.

We are more than happy to let potential clients come and view the car, we are based in Swindon, Wiltshire. This car is a real head turner and if you want to get noticed on your special day, then this is the Mustang for you.

Darren & Jane

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