About the cars

All of the cars on this website are privately owned, loved and cherished by passionate Ford Mustang enthusiasts. We carefully select only the best examples; ones that we feel are the most desirable, in the nicest condition and are well looked after and maintained to provide you with reliability, safety and a great experience on your big day!

It is worth noting that not all cars are available throughout the whole of the year. Many of these cars are imported from the USA and have never been used on wet salted winter roads here in the UK, so please check the individual vehicle details where you can find this information out.

Getting the details right

Before you book, we thought you might like to know a little more about what to expect from our service on your big day!

When you have chosen the car that is right for you and we have confirmed its availability, the car owner will contact you to double check the details of the pick up and drop off locations and times etc. Each driver will make sure that they know exactly where these locations are and may even do a dry run in another car just to make sure that they know the route and any diversions or unsuitable roads that may need avoiding.

If the car you have booked is local, then there should be no problem going along to meet the owner/chauffeur and have a look at the car. This way you will know exactly what to expect and will no doubt start getting even more excited.

Feel special and relaxed!

On your wedding day, the car will arrive promptly looking clean and polished with a smartly dressed chauffeur wearing a suit and tie. Don’t think of this as just a fancy taxi to drive you there. This is the start of your day and we are there to make you feel special and relaxed. You will be greeted with smiles and courtesy and your driver will treat you like royalty! He will open the doors and help you in and out of the car if you need assistance and always make sure that there is loads of opportunity to get those all important photos of you both sat in or stood by the car.


A lot of the cars can get booked-up 12-24 months in advance, so we recommend booking the car you want early to avoid any disappointment.

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