Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions for services sub-contracted through the Ford Mustang Wedding website. The services are defined as: the hire of a vehicle that is chauffeur driven to locations specified by the client.


‘Booking’ means the contract between the Company and the Client for the hire of a Vehicle for an agreed period of time (usually not exceeding 3 hours). Said Booking incorporates these terms and conditions.

‘Client’ is the individual making the Booking and responsible for the payment of it.

‘Company’ is Prestige Wedding Car Hire Ltd (trading as: Ford Mustang Wedding)

‘Driver’ is either the legal owner of the Vehicle or his appointed representative having the the legal right to contract for its hire.

Event – the wedding, static hire, film/tv/media or other event for which the Booking has been made.

‘Guests’ are any individuals accompanying the Client and his/her invitees.

Non-Wedding Event defines an event other than a wedding and would include but is not limited to, film/tv/media, static hire or other event.

‘Vehicle’ is a vehicle featured on www.fordmustangwedding.co.uk and the subject of the Booking.

Terms and Conditions:

Client Terms:

The terms, conditions, rights and responsibilities of all parties relating to the following items are adhered to. These terms and conditions are available to view by prospective Clients on the website: www.fordmustangwedding.co.uk


  1. The responsibility for any damage to the Vehicle by the Client or their Guests shall solely rest with the Client. It is an express condition of the Booking that the Client accepts this responsibility. All damage, however caused, to the inside or outside of the Vehicle, including that caused by a third party following incitement by the Client or their Guests, shall be the responsibility of the Client. The Company can choose whom it wishes to make the necessary repairs, and the retail cost of said repairs shall be paid for by the Client.
  2. The Vehicle is chauffeur driven only. No self-drive is permitted by the Client or their Guests.
  3. We accept no responsibility for any belongings left in the Vehicle during or subsequent to the Booking by the Client or their Guests. Furthermore, the Client indemnifies the Company from any such responsibility and undertakes to advise all Guests of this.
  4. The Company does not accept any liability for any material or personal damages to the Client or any of their Guests.
  5. No smoking or eating/drinking is permitted in the Vehicle. The cost of repairs for damage to the Vehicle caused by a breach of this policy, including the cost of a valet, shall rest with the Client. The Company shall choose whom it wishes to make the necessary repairs.
  6. All passengers are required to wear seatbelts (if fitted). Passengers under 12 years in age or below 135cm tall will be required to use a booster seat which must be supplied by the Client and removed by the Client at the end of the Booking.
  7. The maximum number of passengers allowed in the Vehicle is three unless specifically stated in the vehicle description on the Vehicles’ car page at www.fordmustangwedding.co.uk.
  8. The driver of the Vehicle will not exceed the speed limit at any time.
  9. Any enquiry/quote (prior to being accepted and a booking generated) may be refused by either the Company or the Driver without explanation or reason.
  10. The Client must clearly and honestly state, at the time of enquiry, the Event for which the Booking is being made. For insurance purposes, the Driver and/or the Company reserves the right to decline an enquiry and/or cancel a Booking at any time should it transpire that the Event is not that for which the enquiry/Booking was made (e.g. a vehicle is booked for a wedding but is in fact intended for use at a prom). This will lead to the loss of a Deposit as a minimum and would extend to the loss of the balance payment should it transpire on the day of the event that the booking purpose does not match the actual Event.
  11. A deposit of 25% of the total cost of the Booking will be required to be paid at the time of the reservation. All deposits are non-refundable. The Client must pay the remaining balance in full no less than 4 weeks (28 days) prior to the Event. The balance is paid directly to the Driver unless the Booking is for a Non-Wedding Event, in which case the balance is paid to Prestige Wedding Car Hire. If the booking is made within 4 weeks of the Event itself, then 100% of the total cost of the Booking must be paid immediately, directly to Prestige Wedding Car Hire.
  12. Non-payment of the balance will result in the cancellation of the Booking.
  13. If the Booking is cancelled more than 4 weeks (28 days) before the Event, then 100% of any balance paid will be refunded. If cancelled more than 2 weeks (14 days) before the Event, then 50% of the balance paid will be refunded. If cancelled less than 2 weeks (14 days) before the Event then no balance will be refunded. If for any reason the balance hasn’t been paid and the Client cancels within 28 days of the Event, the Client will still be liable for the balance payment as described above. Cancellation will not result in the deposit being refunded.
  14. Where a Booking is postponed or cancelled and rearranged with a new date and that Booking is then subsequently cancelled completely by the Client, the Client will be eligible to a maximum refund of 50% of the balance, subject to the timings stated in clause 12 above.
  15. Cancellation will not result in the deposit being refunded.
  16. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure there is adequate travel time to and from destinations.
  17. The Client must provide contact details, which will be valid prior to, and on the day of the Event. If these details change prior to the Event, the Client must notify the Company and the Driver at the earliest opportunity
  18. The position of the Vehicle’s convertible roof (if equipped) – either lowered or raised – cannot be guaranteed and will be at the discretion of the Driver.
  19. No guarantees can be made in terms of time, the reliability of the Vehicle or indeed events that are outside the direct control of the Driver such as traffic congestion or road works.

20. No responsibility will be accepted for adverse weather that may prevent the completion of the Booking. Adverse weather i.e. ice or snow and salted roads (which causes damage to classic vehicles) can result in the Booking being cancelled. The Driver reserves the right to cancel the Booking in these circumstances. A full refund would be provided in this case.
21. In light of clause 19 above, the Client should always arrange to have an alternative vehicle available to use as transport in case of circumstances such as (but not limited to) breakdown, adverse weather or severe and unforeseen traffic delays.
22. If the chosen Vehicle is not available to complete the Booking, the Company will endeavour to find a replacement vehicle where possible, but this cannot be guaranteed. The Company shall liaise with the Client throughout this process and ensure that the alternative vehicle is suitable. If the Booking cannot be completed and/or the alternative vehicle is not deemed suitable by the Client, the deposit and any balance paid will be returned in full to the Client.
23. If the Client breaches any of the terms described above, or behaves in an unreasonable manner during the Booking, the Driver has the right to rescind the Booking immediately and eject the Client from the Vehicle. 24. The Driver nor the Company shall face any financial repercussions.
25. The Client agrees that photographs or videos can be taken at the Event for use on the Ford Mustang Wedding website or for promotional material. If the Client shall object to this, the Client must advise at the time of booking. After the Event the Client agrees to being contacted by the Company via email and asked to provide any voluntary feedback, photos or reviews of the booking process through to delivery of our services on the day. These may be used at the Company’s discretion on the Company website(s) and any social media channels to help promote the Company’s services.

Subcontractor terms:


  1. It is expected that all Drivers have adequate and appropriate insurance in place for the Booking.
  2. The administration of the Booking is managed by the Company. A commission fee of 25% of the quote value is payable by the Client to secure a Booking. All deposits are paid directly to the Company at the time of booking and are non-refundable.
  3. The Client will be asked to contact the Driver directly to confirm arrangements and timings prior to the Event. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that these are all correct and up to date.
  4. Any special requests such as wedding ribbons for the Vehicle should be agreed at the time of booking. White ribbon is to be kept in stock by the Driver and is offered at no cost to the Client. Any other ribbon colour requested by the Client is chargeable at a flat rate of £10.00 and is added to the total quote value.
  5. Feedback will be requested from the Client following the Event to ensure that the hire services are satisfactory. We will request a review of the end-to-end service from the booking process through to the car hire experience on the day of the Event.
  6. Any feedback and reviews provided by the Client (either to the Company or directly to the Driver) in relation to the Booking must always be used on the Company’s websites & social media channels first. If the Driver receives any direct feedback, reviews or photos from the Client after the Event, the Driver agrees to share these with the Company. The Driver may request to use these reviews/feedback after they have initially appeared on the Company’s web/social media pages.
  7. It is expected that the Driver’s appearance will be smart and they will behave courteously at all times. The Driver is expected to dress in a suit and tie or similarly appropriate attire. A chauffeur’s hat is desirable but not essential.
  8. As the Vehicle owner, you must ensure that it is kept in good legal roadworthy condition. The vehicle must have a current and valid MOT (if not exempt), be taxed for road use (if not exempt) and will be presented in good all-round condition both inside and out. The vehicle must also be cleaned inside and out in preparation for the Booking and presented on the day in the best visual condition that is reasonably possible.
  9. On the day of the Event, only the Driver will be present in the vehicle. No other passenger/s other than the Client or their Guest/s will accompany the Driver during the Booking.
  10. During the Booking, it is expected that you will drive safely and within the speed limits on any given public road or highway. Prestige Wedding Car Hire do not condone or encourage aggressive driving or speeding on the roads.
  11. If the Driver is unable to complete the Booking due to sickness, it shall be their responsibility to honour the Booking by securing a replacement driver and ensuring that such driver is fully insured to drive the Vehicle for the Event.
  12. If the Client breaches any of the terms described above, or behaves in an unreasonable manner during the Booking, the Driver has the right to rescind the Booking immediately and eject the Client from the Vehicle. Neither the Driver nor the Company shall face any financial repercussions.
  13. If the Driver is thinking of, or has recently sold the Vehicle, they must notify the Company of this in writing or by email as soon as possible.
  14. The Company or the Driver can terminate the relationship between the Driver and the Company by providing a minimum of seven days’ notice. However, all existing bookings following this date of termination must still be honoured.
  15. If the Driver is unable to honour the Booking and the Company is tasked with finding a replacement vehicle, the Driver will indemnify the Company by paying a nominal fee of £50 directly to the Company at the time of cancellation. This fee will help to cover the additional time and effort involved in sourcing and securing an alternative vehicle that is suitable to the Client and in absorbing any additional costs related to securing a more expensive booking.
  16. The Driver shall inform the Company, at the time of adding their vehicle to the Company’s website, of the events for which their vehicle is available for hire (e.g. static hire, film/tv/media). The Driver should notify the Company immediately should they wish to change the events for which their vehicle is available. Prom and birthday ride hire is not offered by the Company under any circumstances.
These terms and conditions were last updated on 8th July 2022

You will be required to return a signed copy of these terms before we add your car to the site.